Eating food in order to get slimmer sounds like fantasy, but it isn’t. There are a few kinds of food that either makes your organism to give out more calories than they provide or facilitates fat burning processes. Though creating a diet with net loss of calories is impossible (and clearly dangerous), including such fat burning foods into your regular diet will certainly increase its effectiveness.

fat burning foods
fat burning foods

See how fat burning foods work

There are a few ways in which fat burning foods do their job. First, some of them can speed up your metabolism.

For example, every food rich in vitamin C will boost your metabolism, causing rapid fat burning in the hours following eating it. The effects will be greatly increased if you exercise right after the vitamin C intake. The same is true for such foods as asparagus, broccoli, cabbage or watermelon.

Also, there are some fat burning foods that simply require more energy to digest them than they can provide. An example of this category is a carrot.

The third way fat burning foods can work in is increasing fat breakdown in the fat cells. Some researches point out that it can be done by the calcium-rich products, like milk, cheese or yoghurt. However, there is still no overwhelming proof for that and there is still a chance (albeit a small one) that using dairy as a fat burner will be a mistake after all.

How to burn fat effectively – three steps.

  • Make a decision, then keep to it. You might change the strategies, diets or kinds of exercises, but keep eyes on the ball all the time.
  • Start doing regular exercises. An hour a day is better than seven hours once a week. Even if, at first, they won’t make you slimmer, they will make you fitter – and that counts a lot to your well-being.
  • Complement the training with a proper diet. Include as much fat burning foods as you can, but do not try to make your diet completely out of them – no fat burning foods will give you everything you need to be healthy. Try to balance the fat burning with a healthy and happy living.