Have you ever experienced those moments when you are typing on your keyboard, writing on your ledger or trying to put a thread through a needle and then finding yourself jerking out of sleep and drooling? That might be because your body is fatigued. In a chronically busy world, people are now finding less and less time to just kick back and relax to recuperate from the days’ stress. This in turn, causes them to nod off in those moments when they are supposed to be awake. Relating the example of how trying to do too much can actually lessen your performance.


But then again, it isn’t like you can just demand for more time to rest as work can often be competitive and even just a one day break can put you pretty far behind in the race for the top. So what you need is a convenient, easy to accomplish fix that will help keep you awake and keep you going no matter the circumstance. It would also be of help if they are not high maintenance. Luckily, these tips are far from that.

Close your eyes and clear your mind.

No, this does necessarily mean yoga, although that would be a good thing too. But since we are assuming that you have no time for that, letrsquo;s take the crash course version. When in the middle of work, you start feeling sleepy, try to close your eyes but do not fall asleep. Instead, you can try clearing your head of all unnecessary clutter and focus on total blankness. Do this for several minutes until you can get your bearings and you find yourself ready to get right back at it.

Speak, chat, talk.

Although keeping up a stream of gossip in the office is not exactly the most advisable activity or the most lucrative of work ethics, speaking your mind can certainly snap you out of your daze. So if you really feel the need to speak, you can do so by using work related topics as a medium.


Although breathing is one of the most natural things that we do, not everyone necessarily knows how to do it properly. Now you might argue that if they canrsquo;t do it properly then they would be dead, but that does not constitute the proper usage of breathing. It in truth, very few people watch their breathing. They just let the lungs do their job, all the while not knowing that a certain consciousness is necessary in order to take full advantage of the activity. Breathing deeply and steadily provides the body with more oxygen, increasing blood circulation so that the oxygen reaches more places and so that your brain does not go into standby mode.

Have more nourishment

One of the main reasons for chronic fatigue is the lack of proper nutrition in the body. People simply don’t eat healthy when they are in a rush, busy or have a hectic schedule. As probably a lot of people can attest, the most constant item on their daily menu is coffee. As beneficial as that is, it will simply not do by itself. It also dehydrates you. So eat more nutritious foods. Try some Acai or other types of fruits. Make sure your snacks contain vegetables.

Remember that all your haste will never come to anything when you collapse on the job. All those paperwork, overtimes and passing over vacations will be meaningless when you are too tired to work by the end of the day. So try here for proper nutrition and information about combating fatigue.