Do you want to lose weight but don’t have the time and the money for a gym membership? If you’re answer was a “Yes” then I’m sure you’re wondering on how to lose weight at home without having to go the gym.

As we get older our metabolism changes and so does our body, some of us are struggling to keep the weight off while others have a hard time gaining it.

If you want to know how to lose weight at home without having to hit the gym is easy, applying what you learn to your daily lifestyle can sometimes be challenging but it’s well worth it in the end.

Losing weight is all about a clean diet and exercising daily, this allows your body’s metabolism to start up and activate itself. Being active is very important not only for managing your weight but keeping yourself healthy as well.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight At Home

Cleaning up your kitchen closets and refrigerator from unhealthy foods can be hard, especially if you have children it can be even harder trying to eat healthy. Children don’t know the difference between healthy and unhealthy snacks and foods, that’s why “we” as adults have to make better choices for them and us as well.

Eliminating snacks like cookies, brownies, chips, sodas, candy and replacing them with much more nutrition foods like apples, bananas, peanut butter, vegetables and such can have a huge positive impact towards your kid’s health and weight management but it can also help you live a healthier life style as well.

Getting rid of all the unhealthy foods in your house is the first step of knowing how to lose weight at home, then you need to focus into buying foods and snacks that can have positively impact your weight loss such as; high fiber foods and foods that speed up fat burning metabolism, like red peppers.

Replace “Junk Food” With Healthy Food

For most people this is easy, replacing all the junk food that’s sitting inside your kitchen with healthy nutritional food. Of course healthier food is more expensive but if you care about your health and your family’s health you know it’s the right choice, after all..your trying to manage or lose some weight and this can help.

Stay away from energy drinks even if you’re drinking them before your workouts, they are packed with so much sugar that it’s not only bad for your health but also can make you gain some serious unwanted weight.

When shopping for snacks, it’s always great to go after apples and other fruits that are high in fiber. Fiber makes your weight loss much easier by helping you shed off more weight and also suppress your appetite by making you feel full. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, excellent for “on the go” snacks.

Focus on foods that contain very little to none saturated fats, high calories and sodium. Too much sodium can absorb water in your system, making you look bloated and fat instead of lean and cut.

Short Home Exercise In The Morning

Upon waking up you might be feeling lazy and sleepy, but research has shown that more testosterone is flowing through your system in the mornings than any other time of the day. Having your workout done in the morning can speed up your weight loss results since your body is at it’s best and it’s fully rested.

Another reason that it’s also better to workout in the morning is that because your energy levels are higher than they would be in the afternoon, just make sure you always have a full night’s rest (8 hours total).

Going for a morning jog or run around the neighborhood block can increase your metabolism and burn more calories throughout your day, even a short and intense 10 minute workout can give your metabolism a boost.

Eat Foods That Burn Fat

Again, when your out doing grocery shopping to replace all the unhealthy food from your kitchen it’s best to focus on foods with high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. These are important for building lean muscle while providing your body with everything it needs to perform it’s very best every day.

Most people stay away from foods with high carbohydrates such as: pasta, rice, potatoes and beans, carbohydrates is what your body burns for energy during an intense workout or activity. Working out with an empty stomach isn’t a great idea and it’s not recommended, it’s always best to snack on a high carbohydrate snack an hour before workout.

Stay away from high carbohydrate foods after 6 p.m since your body is naturally starting to release melatonin, preparing you for bed time. Eating foods with high carbohydrates before bed will only be stored in your body as fat and not energy.

Here’s an article of foods that burn fat if your looking to increase your weight loss much faster.

Keep Track Every Week

Don’t just focus on what the scale says, focusing on the scale number can actually make you gain weight and kill your motivation! It’s alright to jump on the scales ones a week but don’t fully count on the number it displays because it could be wrong.

When ever you workout and exercise your burning fat but your also gaining lean muscle, this can make your weight go up even if your losing the fat from your body and that’s because muscle weighs more than fat does.

You need to have your picture taken every week or every second week, same location, same pose and clothes if possible. This will give you an “outside” look because if your burning off the unwanted fat but your also gaining lean muscle by turning the fat into muscle, will make your numbers on the scale go up while your waist numbers drop.

Always Try To Improve

If you continue to do what your doing (even if you lose the weight) it will eventually come to an end, this is because your body is used to it and it’s too simple and easy for it to burn any more fat – instead help you manage the same weight easier.

Switching up your workouts and exercises every month can help by “tricking” the muscles, allowing them to burn more fat and calories. Try to always increase the weight on your exercises and the repetitions.

How To Lose Weight At Home (Breakdown)

  • Eat Clean Healthy Nutritional Foods
  • Exercise In The Morning (best results)
  • Eat Foods That Burn Fat and Calories
  • Keep Track Of Your Self
  • Always Try To Improve
  • Stick To Everything, Will Be Worth It!

Now that you have a small idea of how to lose weight at home, it’s time to start focusing on what’s in your kitchen because that is the hardest thing for most people and what makes most of us fail while on a diet.