Losing weight can be difficult for some while others are having difficulty gaining and keeping the weight.
Metabolism can play a big role on your body when it comes down to losing weight or gaining weight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take full control of it and get the results you want.

The number one area that fat usually loves to store itself is around the stomach area, – your belly. Losing that stubborn fat around your stomach can be overwhelming and especially when there is no improvements.. then it becomes even harder but why?

Often we look at our selves in the mirror and we see what area of our bodies need improvement. We get right on it without thinking or planning, and then after a couple of weeks the motivation starts to run out because we see no changes and were right back were we first started feeling.

The exercises bellow are some of our favorites when it comes down to targeting fat around your belly area.
We choose these exercises because they have proven to work and deliver results over and over when performed correctly so we know were not wasting any of your valuable time!

Lose Weight
Lose Weight

Cable Crunch

Cable Crunch exercise is one of our favorite abdominal exercises. It targets all abdominal muscles but mostly the upper abdominals. If you want some serious definition on your overall abdominal area then better not skip on this one!

If you want to shed stubborn fat make sure you use the appropriate weight and repetitions. Keep your reps as high as 40 and adjust the weight heavy enough that will make your 40th rep almost impossible to finish.
Remember, if you use heavy weight instead with low reps you will only add more mass to your abs making it look like you gained weight instead of losing it but it’s actually solid abdominal muscle.

Leg Raises

Want to target the lower part of your abdominal area? This is the king of all lower abdominal exercises and it’s definitely the #1 on our abs list.

This exercise targets the fat that is stored at the lower part of your abdominal, the place were most have trouble losing weight from.

The only reason why most can’t lose the fat that’s stored on your lower abdominal area is because you aren’t targeting directly. Doing straight leg raises without bending your knees while raising your legs will target the lower area directly and effectively!

If you want to target the whole abdominal area with lightly focus on the lower, then bend your knees while doing this exercise. Bending your knees will make the exercise easier but won’t effect the lower abdominals as much as keeping your legs straight.

Decline Leg Raises

This one targets the lower belly fat as well. The only difference between the decline leg raises and the hanging leg raises is that on the decline leg curl you use a declined bench for back support and this makes it easier to perform the exercise.

As far as results, the straight leg raises gets the award again for lower abdominal fat. Being able to hang free or strapped from a pull-up bar while doing the exercise burn more abdominal fat because you are using more muscles to stabilize your body from swinging on the way up!


  • Cable Crunch (5 sets of 40 reps)
    Targets Muscle: Full Abdominal Area
  • Leg Raises (3 sets of 10 reps)
    Targets Muscle: Lower Abdominal Area
  • Decline Leg Raises (4 sets of 12 reps)
    Targets Muscle: Lower & Middle Abdominal Area