Blackheads are small spots on the skin which are dark in color. They occur as a result of small blockages in the opening of skin pores. They normally appear on the face but can also appear on the chest, arms, shoulders and neck. If you remove them at their primary stage, it will be easier for you to prevent the development of acne on your face. The following are remedies for blackheads.


(a) Egg white mask

This mask can be prepared at your home. It tightens the pores on your face temporarily. Moreover, it reduces chances of blackheads occurring. The mask has a lot of healthy nutrients. Firstly, break an egg into a cup and then separate the york from it. Using a fork, whisk the white portion until a froth is formed.

(b) Honey

Honey plays a massive role in getting rid of blackheads. It has strong cleansing properties. Mix one teaspoon of honey with little cinnamon powder. Then, spread the mixture evenly on your face. After 30 minutes, wash your face with fresh water. Repeat this procedure daily for few weeks until you achieve a dark free skin.

(c) Potato mask

This is one of the best ways to remove blackheads. For best results, do it before you go to bed. Begin by boiling a potato until it is soft. Then, cut a potato the size of a pencil from it. Place the slice on the blackheads. Using a bandage, cover the slice.

In the morning, the blackheads will move to the surface of the potato slice or nose.

(d) Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is one of the best remedies for blackheads. Its healing and moisturizing properties are very beneficial to the skin. Apply the juice on your skin and then wash it off after your skin dries. This method is very effective in getting rid of blackheads that occur in the nose, cheeks and chin.

(e) Toothpaste

It is very effective in cleansing the skin. Apply a little amount of toothpaste on your skin and then rub it using your fingers. Alternatively, you may use a soft baby brush to rub the skin gently. Its cleansing and cooling properties help remove blackheads safely without affecting the skin.

(f) Yogurt and orange peel

This combination is very effective for blackheads. Mix a tablespoon of powdered orange peel with a tablespoon of yogurt. Massage the mixture on your face in a circular motion for five minutes. After 15 minutes, wash your face to get rid of the paste. Your skin pores will be opened hence clearing the blackheads.

If you have blackheads, try the remedies described above. Good luck.