There are many reasons why a woman might suffer from hair loss, and there are millions of both sexes around the world that have to deal with embarrassing hair loss. This confidence destroying condition can rear its ugly head at any time, and there could be any number of causes, some of which are temporary conditions, while others are progressively permanent. Here is a brief overview of the main causes, and recommended treatments.

hair loss
hair loss


This is perhaps the most common cause of hair loss, and it is genetically disposed. Although it can come on at any time, it would likely affect a woman in her fifties, and what causes the hair to thin is the regrowth cycle, which is the natural shedding process, and the new follicle will grow through as normal, but it will be thinner than usual, and as the hair regrowth cycle continues, the new hair follicles become progressively smaller until they no longer grow. Female hair loss of this nature is usually patchy, but even a small hairless area would cause a woman a problem, as this will be clearly visible. There is a special treatment whereby a thin mesh is attached to the surrounding hair, and then matching human hair extensions are carefully woven in to restore full hair volume.

Permanent Solutions

If you suffer from alopecia, and the problem is not temporary, there are hair extension solutions carried out by experienced hair loss technicians, and the hair extensions would stay in place for up to 3 months, after which time, the system would require some adjustment, but by using the same extensions for a repeat process, the wearer would have a further 3 months of trouble free use.


Some women suffer from a hormone imbalance while pregnant, and any hormone irregularity can result in patchy hair loss. If this happens, do not be alarmed, as your hair will grow back when you have had your baby, and should this happen, there are online clinics who have the ideal temporary solution.

Stress and Anxiety

Both are known causes of hair loss, and again, this would be a temporary condition, and when the stress had disappeared, the hair loss would also be a thing of the past, however, this can last for a few months, and the fact that you see lots of hair falling out, can increase anxiety levels, which only makes the hair loss worse. The ideal solution is to make contact with an online hair restoration clinic, and if you happen to live in the UK, there are clinics of this nature in most of the large cities.

Thyroid Irregularity

The thyroid gland is very important, and if it is either under or over active, this can result in hair loss. Weaving hair extensions into the existing hair is a cost effective and trouble-free way to restore hair, and with online clinics, it is easy to arrange an initial consultation.

Modern hair loss treatments are both non-invasive and affordable, and with online hair restoration clinics, a solution is buy a few clicks away.